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Content Contributors

  • Roberto-Scenna.jpg

    Roberto Scenna

    Chief Executive Officer

    As Chief Executive Officer, Roberto brings 20 years of financial services and management consulting knowledge to the organisation. He held leadership positions at ANZ Bank, as Managing Director ANZ Private Wealth, Managing Director ANZ Trustees, and Managing Director Super Concepts, earning an impressive portfolio that includes a range of executive director roles on the Boards of ANZ financial advice companies.

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  • Kath Young

    Kathryn Young

    Chief Information Officer

    Kath is the Chief Information Officer at CCI. She leads a technology team in developing strategic and innovative solutions to build a resilient information technology environment for all CCI stakeholders. Her primary responsibilities for the organisation are enterprise architecture, infrastructure and integrated systems, and to drive a high performing and client service focussed team. Kathryn designs and oversees technology transformation programs that address key technology issues including modernisation, digital and workplace enablement, compliance and information management. In her career she has held senior positions for large financial institutions IAG and ANZ Bank, developing digital workplace strategy and systems performance initiatives.

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  • Ross-Castle.jpg

    Ross Castle

    General Manager, Client

    As General Manager, Client for CCI, Ross is a strategic thinker who guides corporate clients through complex challenges to help them achieve strong results. He is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance, and a Qualified Practicing Insurance Broker with a Master of Business Administration. He is also part of the Australian Institute of Company Directors alumni.

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  • Mark-Wilson.jpg

    Mark Wilson

    Head of Risk Management & Client Support

    Mark’s role as Head of Risk Management and Client Support ensures CCI retains focus on supporting the operational effectiveness of clients. His responsibility for CCI’s Customer Relationship Executive team directs service and risk mitigation specifically to provide greater value to CCI’s clients. He has more than 20 years of risk management expertise and direct interaction with clients.

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  • Hught-Easton.jpg

    Hugh Easton

    Education Lead

    As Regional Manager for the North and East, and Education Segment Lead, Hugh develops solutions that meet client needs. Serving the insurance industry for 30 years, he delivers solutions for complex risk issues, in collaboration with colleagues, partners and clients. Hugh’s prescient insights stem from his experience working in general insurance at home and in the UK market.

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  • David-Trevorah.jpg

    David Trevorah

    General Manager, Strategy

    As the General Manager of Strategy, Marketing and Transformation, David directs CCI’s corporate strategy. With 20 years in marketing and strategic roles, his leadership underpins the design and implementation of critical innovation projects and improvement programs for CCI. He oversees the Marketing and Transformation team who support key objectives to enhance client experience, and drives highly responsive teams across the organisation.

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  • Tim Farren

    Tim Farren

    Aged Care Lead

    Tim is Head of Sales and Distribution with almost 30 years of sales expertise, and a keen eye for identifying business development opportunities. He served in roles at Arthur J. Gallagher and Ansvar, and brings international insurance acumen to CCI’s aged care, welfare, education, and the broader Christian market clients.

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  • Lara-Drabble.jpg

    Lara Drabble

    Welfare Lead

    Lara has 20 years of experience working in General Insurance. She has worked across the business in underwriting, broking, risk management, and sales roles. Her focus on clients in the Faith, Education, and Not-for-Profit sectors helps clients to meet unique challenges. Lara is a Board member of (NTP) Social Services Organisation, and applies her deep understanding of regulatory changes, compliance issues, and the future funding landscape to help Boards address relevant changes.

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  • Graham-Porter.jpg

    Graham Porter

    Church Lead

    With almost 30 years of experience in the insurance and financial services sector, Graham’s expertise drives risk management support for Catholic Schools and Catholic Education Offices, across Australia. He holds a CCI Church and Parish segment leadership role, evaluating frameworks for responding to critical risks. He is a strategic leader who assists Church organisational supervisors to identify critical risk issues and incorporate risk thinking into their business decisions.

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  • Glenn-Stewart.jpg

    Glenn Stewart

    Portfolio Manager

    Glenn brings more than 30 years of insurance experience to responsibility across CCI’s Casualty Portfolio. He has served at the State Insurance Office and held roles in Workers’ Compensation.

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  • Adam Dixson TN2

    Adam Dixson

    Head of Marketing & Segment Lead for Religious Orders

    Adam leads strategic marketing and digital development programs, aligned to CCI’s brand and critical business goals. With 20 years of experience in the insurance and financial services industry, he drives innovation initiatives that transform ideas into competitive advantage. He has served at award-winning organisations including Guild Insurance, and is a qualified marketing professional with knowledge of risk management, superannuation, and investment banking. Adam supports and manages dynamic change in how the organisation responds to client needs in mitigating risk. He is involved in a range of innovation workshops that explore best practice methodologies for managing teams, and is currently participating in the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program.

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  • Marita-Wright.jpg

    Marita Wright

    General Manager, Claims

    Marita drives the strategic direction of CCI’s claims function. With 20 years of experience in financial services, she has served as National Claims and General Manager of Claims. Her commitment to delivering an enhanced digital experience for clients is integral to developing a superior claims process. Her background in Arts, Business Administration and Law and role as a solicitor for Phillips Fox Lawyers and Resource Underwriting Pacific Pty Ltd. has enriched the performance of the Claims team.

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  • Christopher-Hall.jpg

    Christopher Hall

    Risk Consultant; Innovation

    An integral member of CCI’s Risk Support team, Chris is a Risk Consultant with nearly 15 years of service at CCI. He supports Catholic Schools and education offices across the country, helping to reduce risk profiles and incidents of injury or property. He provides technical risk and compliance advice, and applies his skills across different areas of the business in ways that support, meet challenges, and offer tactical and strategic solutions for the Parish, Education and Social Welfare/Community Care sectors of the Church.

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  • Guilia-Gallichio.jpg

    Giulia Gallichio

    Head of Change & Organisational Development

    As Head of Change and Organisational Development, Giulia’s expertise identifies and develops skills and capabilities of staff across all levels of the business. She advances departmental alliances that support CCI’s strategic objectives, and has a deep understanding of the nature of organisational challenges management should meet in adapting to cultural change. With more than 15 years in the HR industry, she fosters strong innovative partnerships and helps teams and individuals to build resilience.

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  • Samantha Hanna

    Samantha Hanna

    Content Contributor

    Samantha writes about the topic of risk for CCI. In Singapore for many years, she developed business content for magazines and broadcast networks who included BBC World News, and contributed to the Thomson Reuters Global Pictures Desk as a photo editor. As a senior research reporter for Allianz Global Investors, she has monitored industry trends for nearly two decades to identify unique insights for analysts and investment professionals.

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  • Leah-Davies.jpg

    Leah Davies

    Head of Workers' Compensation Claims

    An Allied Health Professional with a defined background in injury management, return to work and rehabilitation, Leah creates innovative injury management solutions by partnering with businesses, and helping them to reduce claims. She served at Wesfarmers in the role of Liability and Compliance Manager, and now promotes practical and beneficial deliverables to meet client obligations.

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  • John-Morrow.jpg

    John Morrow

    Manager, Solutions

    Improving the client experience is a key priority of John’s role as Manager, Solutions with CCI. His manifold strategic insights, marketing expertise, and design aptitude delivers evidence-based solutions to enhance CCI’s service offering, and models leadership practices. John has worked with leading insurance brands and research agencies in a range of critical functions, such as business partnership roles and analytics consulting.

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  • Peta-Farnik.jpg

    Peta Farnik

    Competitive & Marketing Intelligence Analyst

    A Competitive & Market Intelligence Analyst, Peta specialises in B2B industries and conducts analysis that deepens insights about CCI clients and key industry trends affecting products and competition. She holds a Masters Degree in Marketing with a major in the areas of B2B analytics, and she brings a decade of industry experience to her role. Peta’s expertise in quantitative and qualitative analysis is critical to planning and operational tactics that help to grow CCI’s business.

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  • John-Tucci.jpg

    John Tucci

    Head of Pricing & Data

    A senior actuary with more than 25 years of experience in insurance the financial services managing general insurance, actuarial reserving, pricing and financial modelling, John is Head of Pricing and Data for CCI. He brings expertise from having worked with industry leaders such as IAG and CGU, and helps to shape a collaborative and innovative team in developing a superior technical pricing framework for clients.

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  • Domenic-Muscari.jpg

    Domenic Muscari

    Chief Financial Officer

    An accomplished Chief Financial Officer, Domenic leads a team of professionals who provide company-wide financial insights. He also oversees the interests of the investment arm of the business (CCIAM), taking charge of CCI’s overall financial management. He has served as CFO of Ansvar Insurance Ltd. and brings CPA-certified astuteness to CCI’s economic resilience and growth.

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  • Mick-Newell.jpg

    Mick Newell

    Regional Manager, South & West

    Mick is Regional Manager, South & West for CCI. His legacy serving CCI clients is the result of 30 years immersed in the business at a grassroots level. His depth of experience and knowledge of client management needs provides the foundation for building robust performance and resilience for the Catholic community.

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  • Cheryl-Cook.jpg

    Cheryl Cook

    Head of Reinsurance

    As Head of Reinsurance, Cheryl brings more than 25 years of industry experience and has worked with leading brands GIO Re, Zurich and Australia’s largest global insurer QBEMM. Her knowledge expertise and commitment to excellence helps to drive CCI’s value proposition through exploring reinsurance opportunities and supporting functional infrastructure.

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  • Tania-Brigitani.jpg

    Tania Briganti

    General Manager, Technical Operations

    With more than 25 years of experience in Reinsurance, Underwriting, Personal Lines Portfolios, and Property Portfolio Management roles, Tania’s career has evolved from Chief Underwriter to General Manager Underwriting Portfolio & Reinsurance. She draws on in-depth knowledge off CCI’s products and capabilities to lead technical areas of portfolio management, pricing, underwriting operations and reinsurance.

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  • Kimberley-Nash.jpg

    Kim Nash

    Head of Professional Standards & Liability Claims

    As the Head of Professional Standards and Liability Claims, Kim sets a benchmark of excellence in advising clients on complicated matters that require sensitivity and business acumen. Her early career as a Senior Associate at Hall & Wilcox gave her outstanding skills in insurance litigation and the aptitude for building strong client relationships.

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  • Alfred-Ng.jpg

    Alfred Ng

    Portfolio Manager, Property

    Alfred brings more than 30 years of industry experience with 20 years in portfolio management, through a career with major firms such as CGU, Guild Insurance, and SGIO. He has MBA, ANZIIF (Snr. Associate) & CIP qualifications, and applies his specialist technical and analytical skills to develop underwriting tools for risk selection and pricing.

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